Intro is a modern looking font design by Svetoslav Semov in Download Intro. This font is a very elegant san serif font, known by many as one of the simplest font styles created way back in The aim of the font designer is to create a font style for standard publishing use like newspapers, magazines and others alike.

Download News Gothic. This font is a very elegant san serif font that offers many beautiful alternates and ligatures. It has 28 font weights available including pro hair, pro thin, thin italic, normal, medium, medium italic, bold italic and so many more others to choose from. This font is design by Erik Spiekermann in Download Meta.

This font is a beautiful san serif font style and it is also one of the oldest fonts which is still widely used by many designers these days.

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This font is design by Jackson Burke in Download Trade Gothic. This font is a harmonized font family that includes san serif and serif fonts in one, with many font weights available to help you create the most desirable layout without compromising text readability. Lucida is widely used to many corporate businesses as it provides optimal quality and elegance.

This font is design by Charles Bigelow and Chris Holmes in Download Lucida Sans. This beautiful and elegant font is a sans serif font that offers a new trend in using san serif fonts to your designs. It has many font weights available ranging from regular, italic, medium, bold, extrabold, caps regular, small caps extrabold and many more others.

This is the font that will make your text content very noticeable, designed by Jurgen Weltin in Download Finnegan. This font is a simple and friendly looking san serif font perfect for giving your designs a legible approach without readability issues. It took years to complete this font family and with constant redesigning, it finally came out with 36 unique and beautiful font weights to offer.

This font is design by Hans Reichel in to Download Dax.

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This font is a beautiful font for any design layout of choice with lots of features to offer and with numerous font weights available. This is another font masterpiece by none other than the very famous font designer, Adrian Frutiger. Frutiger come up with another very interesting font that will help many designers in their layouts by using Breughel font family. Download Breughel. This font is a professional looking font that has become one of the most used font style in corporate businesses and one of the most popular san serif font in the history.

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It has the best features perfect for marketing with clarity and legibility combined into one font. This font is creatively designed by Edouard Hoffman and Max Miedinger in Download Helvetica Neue. This font is a beautiful san serif font that looks very attractive and sophisticated perfect to fit on small spaces. It has 4 unique and pretty font weights available which all look good and design distinctively, the sharp edges and extra loosely joints are very noticeable even in far distances. This san serif font is designed by Jan Sonntag in Download Hildegard. This font is a simple san serif font that was originally created to serve as font for telephone directories and was later redesigned for more applications.

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It has a generous spacing for each letter which will give more clarity and distinctions when all letters are together. Isabella Chaeva released its Cyrillic version in and was later redesigned again in Download Bell Gothic. This font is a beautiful and purely sophisticated san serif font style that offers attractive characters in both small and capital caps.

This makes a lot of sense and I plan to use this in my next website, but these are all sans-serif fonts. I might want to use the serif fonts on headings or blockquotes for emphasis, and apply monospace to the pre and code elements. However, my original comment could have been clearer. I was interested in using stacks of serif and monospace fonts that draw upon fonts that come pre-installed with various operating systems for use in bundled word processors like WordPad and terminal emulators like Terminal. Prior to version 4.

Where does that font name string come from:. I dont see that name anywhere in the font definition file.

Just curious, cheers! Using local fonts will use as much network none as e. Will it support any of these syntaxes? Will it render using which font? Does it render any differently for you on Mobile Safari than it does on desktop? Absolutely, good call! In fact, we published a link to the Booking. Consider this post updated! Please excuse my ignorance, but what benefit is this over using serif or sans-serif? Is there a similar stack for system monospace fonts?

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Seems IE11 can not recognize -apple-system in font-family. IE11 considers that as an invalid value. Good for emoji.


Do you really want the system font? Or should your Chinese users really get a pixelated font? Should your Ubuntu users read the little quirky Ubuntu font? Also watch out for errors you get by using different fonts on different platforms. I collected some in my blog article — so better test extensively. This is a great post! I think it would be really helpful to add the system font stack for monospace fonts as well.

I found the Chris Coyier comment from June 13, fascinating. It seems to me that this calls for an additional standard. Then if a particular OS or browser fails to display the proper font, it will simply be fixed in the next standards-compliant version. This would follow the same simplifying evolutionary path as we see happening at the tops of HTML5 Web pages and in character encoding.

The font-face rule at the bottom of the post renders Tahoma for myself on Google Chrome 71 Windows Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Get the CSS-Tricks newsletter.

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All comments are held for moderation. We'll publish all comments that are on topic, not rude, and adhere to our Code of Conduct. MS Sans Serif is available in the font sizes 8, 10, 12, 14, 18, and When changing the DPI settings in Windows 95 or later, Windows loads a different MS Sans Serif font, historically called the " " variant, which adds sizes 23 and 30 points high DPI versions of sizes 18 and 24 respectively. This font also contains most glyphs shipped with any version of Windows until Windows Vista , excluding fonts supporting East Asian ideographs. Despite being a vectorized replacement, there are subtle design changes.

For example, the tail in the lowercase "a" is shortened to a vertical stem in Microsoft Sans Serif, the top of the stem on the lowercase "f" curves down instead of horizontally, the hook at the descenders of "y" and "j" are hooked up in Microsoft Sans Serif, the strokes in the middle of digit "8" intersect at a different angle. Capital R, which was designed in the style of original Helvetica in the original MS Sans Serif, is instead a compromise between Helvetica and the straight-diagonal descender in Arial; the descender curves at the top and is a straight diagonal at the bottom.

Version 1. Supported code pages include , Macintosh US Roman, , , , Font is smoothed at points, hinted at points, hinted and smoothed at 15 and above points. OpenType features includes init, isol, medi, fina, liga for default Arabic script. Additional OpenType features includes rlig for Arabic scripts. Version 5.