Can anyone helps? Once you select all your video files in a folder, how do you play them all one after another automatically? In these cases, when I move down the list to see all the options, sometimes the only way I can do so is by using the arrow keys.

As soon as I make my next selection, the original has been deselected. Have you tried changing your settings for the scrollbar? Using a Mac is too complicated for you Tony?

You could just read the article and learn, but nah why learn when you can complain? Selecting multiple files is easier than pie, Tony.

How to clear the cache on your Mac computer to make it run more efficiently

The reason for that is, icons can be arranged in free space and they do not have any order. The list view has order, and therefore you can select first item, then hold down Shift, and select the last item. On the PC I can select come contiguous files with shift then add non-contigious files to the selection using ctr. Using Cmd or shift with files selected un-selects the previous selection.

I know this works because it has worked for me. However, your problem does occur occasionally for me. I hope this helped. I am running the most current version of OS X Yosemite.

How to Select Multiple Icons in Mac OS X Lion

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Use these methods to handle multiple messages at the same time

Remember to start outside the item, click and hold with the mouse, then move diagonally to create a rectangle. Anything inside or touching the rectangle will be selected. This is best used when items are in proximity of each other. These four methods of selecting, work together, to produce the best ways for you to select the things that you then want to do something to.

How to Learn 10 Mac Shortcuts

By learning these methods and practicing them so they come habit, you will unlock one of the most important skills on the Mac. This will ultimately save you time and allow you get more done.

How Do I Select Multiple Items on the Mac? | Option Click Consulting

And when you consider how much time you spend selecting files every single day, those few moments you can save on each of those interactions can really add up in the long run. There are a few different ways to instantly select every file within a window, but the simplest one is to press and hold down the Command Cmd key and then hit A. The Command-A keyboard shortcut has been a favorite of Mac users for a very long time and is simply the fastest way to get this job done.

Simply click near one of the corners of the window, hold down the button, and drag the pointer to create a selection box which covers every item in that window. If you only have a few items to select, this can be a quick way to do this.

But, what if you only need to select several items instead of every one? But, there is another very handy way to do this. Start by clicking on the first file you want to be included in your selection. Now, click on the last item you need — those two files and all the files between them will be automatically selected.