How to Make iTunes Usable Again in 7 Simple Steps

Perhaps in , they did…. To remove unnecessary fields from the sidebar, hover your mouse in the upper right-hand corner of the panel and click on Edit. Clear the checkboxes accordingly. Most people only need to keep Artists , Albums , and Songs. Look, smart playlists are a useful feature. Between Reddit and YouTube, you can get all the recommendations, playlists, and songs that you need. Read More and keeping them updated is a time-consuming task. Smart playlists can keep your music fresh by constantly tweaking lists to include songs which match a list of pre-determined criteria.

Need to Clean Up iTunes Music Library?

But if you have an extensive music collection, you should delete them all. Because smart playlists are exceptionally resource-intensive.

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Some of them—like podcasts—are useful. Others, less so.

Mark the checkboxes next to the services you want to remove. If you need any more evidence to prove Apple is more interested in using iTunes to sell you content rather than letting you listen to music, you need to look no further than how Safari handles App Store links. This behavior spoils the surfing experience and makes you become even more irked with iTunes. You can stop it from happening with a third-party Safari extension called NoMoreiTunes. Install it on your system and App Store links will start opening in Safari instead.

Unsurprisingly, Apple has decided that Apple Music should also play a prominent role in the iTunes app. On the primary music interface, the integration comes in the form of two tabs: For You and Browse.

How to find and remove duplicates on iTunes

By default, whenever you buy an album or movie on one of your other devices, it will automatically download onto iTunes on your Mac. Instead, disable automatic downloads. You can still download content you own whenever you want it. But there are lots more ways that you can improve the app, and we want to hear about them. What do you alter that helps make iTunes a little more bearable? Explore more about: iTunes , Mac Tips.

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Your email address will not be published. I love the Genius feature. I have more than CDs that I have imported over the last 10 years and Genius gives me some really excellent playlists.

How to Clean Up iTunes Library

I installed it but could not figure out how to sync my iphone. I had to go back to the original Apple mess.

Back up and restore your iTunes library on your PC

Mostly good advice, but you should caveat the recommendation to turn off Genius playlists with the point that this can only be done if you don't use Apple Music or iTunes Match; otherwise, Genius is required for these services. Which brings up another point: for those seeking an alternative to iTunes altogether, don't plan on using the aforementioned music services if you don't want to use iTunes.

What would be a good alternative to iTunes? I can't stand all the issues with iTunes but haven't found a satisfactory replacement player for Mac. What would be a good replacement for iTunes? I can't stand the app, but have not found another that has all the features without the quirks of iTunes. I agree with this gentleman.

How To: Free Clean Up Your iTunes Library on Mac

This is too much work, especially for a dying breed. Also, there are many other media players out there. These tips about Mac music cleanup can efficiently organize and clean up music file on your iTunes library, which to some extent are ways of Mac system tune-up. What Music Cleanup Can Do? Quickly find and remove duplicates in iTunes as well as local music.

First: Make sure your entire library has been locally downloaded

Automatically download missing Artwork. Detect tracks on your Mac not listed in iTunes library. Complete track details like genre, artist and album tags. Support all iTunes including the latest iTunes Free Download For macOS Update iTunes Data.