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Fixed a problem with deleting and marking as unread mail documents opened via push notifications. Fixed a problem with deleting mail documents deleted documents restored after deletion. Support of IBM Notes 9. Such defaults are more appropriate for new users who have outbound SSL connections blocked by default and for users who are using proxy servers in their corporate networks. If proxy is not used then everything will work as if the options were disabled.

Installing Lotus Notes on Mac OS X

Bug fixes for mail application. Push notifications for Calendar events. Bug fixes and optimizations for Calendar Support. Version 2. Bug fixes and optimizations. Calendar optimization. Junk folder is restored for Mail applications. Bug fixes.

Calendar support for future versions of My Notes apps. Fixed another issue with corrupted images.

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A restart fixes the problems for about 10 minutes. Not sure what is going wrong. But I think you should open a PMR and your reply helps that others might report back here if they are running into the same issue. When IBM comes back with a solution or statement about it, it would be great if you post your reply. After installing "Notes 9. I am experiencing the same "cannot create file" and "calendar profile not found" errors, like John Foy mentioned, at unpredictable intervals. Whatever it is: On the so far rather stable Mac OS-X platform I have never experienced so many migration crashes like this time while migrating to "El Capitan".

Adobe for example had to fix many bugs in their flagship "Lightroom" immediately after release and they did it within one week.

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I am looking forward to the announced 64bit re-compile tool. Some of the old code is still not working flawlessly.

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  • IBM Notes 9.0.2 for Mac OS X is there (yeah, you read it correctly, 9.0.2).
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When I uninstalled the 32 bit Notes client I did it the "Apple way" by dragging it into trash. IBM says to run the uninstall program before installing the 64 bit client. After running the uninstall program and reinstalling the new 64 bit client all issues are gone. Thank you Daniel and thank you Maxim to put the file on dropbox.

It really helps me.

If someone else starts a chat session ,do not see a window either. I have been working on this for a few days without resolution. I did install Flash and the Chat windows did start working, but the next time I went into Notes I could not get them working again. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Notes, Java and Flash.

Installation and configuration of SmartCloud Notes Client on MAC OS X

They got the same problem. Chat window does not open. Can he do that if I run back to solve this problem? Desktop Notes Mind-mapping. Armadillo Audio Notes General. Simply Notes Office Tools. ZipMap for Lotus Notes Archivers. Kernel for Lotus Notes to Outlook Converters. Downloaded for. Lotus notes for mac free. Ibm lotus notes. How to protect your Mac from malware featured. How to share files featured. How to type with 10 fingers featured.

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