This page has been accessed , times. Contents 1 Motherboards 1. Z77 Pro The opposite fails. Looking into AppleHDA. Intel DG41RQ.

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  • Description Niresh Mac OS X Mavericks 10.9 DVD Iso For Mac + Overview.

Installation method: Mavericks Intall VoodooHDA 2. Just remove AppleHDA. Your Hackintosh is finished Need to create one AppleHDA. Optional Installation Method: myHack Using those methods Chameleon 2. Use the following as username and password Username: root Password: niresh. The Hackintosh may need some time to configure and rebuild the caches.

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Install OS X Mavericks on AMD PC | Ri Xu Online

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The BIOS settings for every motherboard is going to be somewhat similar but never exactly the same. For that reason we can't tell you, command-by-command, where to go to find and make certain adjustments.

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  6. That said, we can tell you what to look for. Here are the settings you will need to adjust or at least verify in your BIOS to make your hardware hackintosh-friendly:. Once you've made these changes, you'll need to save them. In most cases you'll only need to press the escape key a few times to get back to the main screen, and then F10 to save and exit.

    Your BIOS settings page will tell you which keys save, exit, and so on, so you should have no trouble figuring out the right keys to press.

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    Now we're ready to actually install OS X, but this is going to be a fairly in-depth process that requires a number of tools. Before getting started, be sure you have the following:.

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    To do so, follow these steps:. Plug it into your hackintosh, boot up, and press the key on your keyboard that will take you to the boot selection menu. If you don't know what it is, just look on your BIOS boot screen.

    OS X 10.9.5 Update

    If the thumb drive boots successfully you'll see a thumb drive with the tonymacx86 logo appear on your screen along with a single boot option: USB. Choose it and boot into the installer. Note: In some cases you may need additional boot flags to get to the installer. You can just type these in at the boot option screen before you press enter to choose "USB" and boot into the installer. When the OS X Mavericks Installer finishes booting, you'll be presented with a welcome screen and can choose your language. Do that, but before you can continue you'll need to format your disk.

    Go to the Utilities menu and choose Disk Utility. Select the disk you want to use for installation and format it. To format it properly, follow these steps:. With your destination disk ready to go, you can now run the Mavericks installer just like you would on any other Mac.

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    When it completes you might be met with an "Installation Failed" message at the end or not , but that's nothing to worry about. When the installation is complete just restart your machine.

    When you do, access your boot menu and choose the USB drive. You still need it to boot up.

    Installare OS X Mavericks 10.9.0 FISICAMENTE su un comune PC

    When you see the familiar boot options screen again you'll now be able to choose the drive you installed Mavericks on. Pick that and press enter, also entering any boot flags you used when booting into the installer previously. Now that you've got Mavericks installed, it's time to make all your hardware work properly.

    For that, you need to install some drivers.

    HCL 10.9.5

    Copy MultiBeast to your hackintosh's hard drive and open it up. Click through the install windows and get to the options page. What you choose is going to vary based on your build, but you'll most likely follow these steps:. For the most part, OS X Mavericks has offered mostly trouble-free updates for the hackintosh community. As usual, any special graphics, network, or audio drivers will need to be re-installed after updating to You can do this with your copy of MultiBeast, but make sure you have the correct version. Things go wrong with hackintoshes all the time. It's unlikely you'll create one without running into, at least, a minor dilemma.

    A lot of troubleshooting involves trial and error, unfortunately, and you'll just have to tinker around until you get the problem fixed. You will be able to find help on the InsanelyMac and tonymacx86 forums if you get stuck.

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