EFI booting still needs "libata. However, I not quite sure about the process to have this patch applied in 3. X Stable and in the ubuntu default kernel for If this is properly coming via stable we should expect to get these fixes via stable before release. That said I do not see this fix in Linus' tree as yet. Maybe we should setup a wiki but let me ask a side question here: How do you get the wifi up and running on a 3.

How to Change Network Card MAC Address on Ubuntu 13.04

Any ideas? It looks like the broadcom driver does not like the n mode or my router does not fully "n" compliant. Where is the best place to collect all our knowledge about "installing ubuntu on a macbook air "? Ok this fix seems to have hit v3. Yes indeed : kubuntu saucy is now installable without any extra option. All the other issues sound and touchpad are solved in 3. Hi, is there a reasonably step-by-step description of how to install It is very confusing to try to find the best practices among possibly outdated pieces of information.

Is rEFInd the recommended way, or can you get along without it? Can I just ask the current Is it going to mess up the boot sequence? Any pointers appreciated. I didn't need to go through all the steps there though, mine were much more condensed. Here is what I did. Using a bootable thumbdrive with Ubuntu installed, boot from drive and install like normal. After installation is complete, reboot into Mac OS, install refind.

Video Tutorial:

Grub will appear, select Ubuntu 6. On my Macbook air 6,2 , Ubuntu It works better with However, the audio is fine on Installing broadcom propertary driver will got stuck. Also that By passing libata. Also this seems to solve a random lock up problem on installed This bug was nominated against a series that is no longer supported, ie raring. The bug task representing the raring nomination is being closed as Won't Fix. This bug was nominated against a series that is no longer supported, ie quantal.

The bug task representing the quantal nomination is being closed as Won't Fix. Ubuntu linux package. This bug affects 17 people. None, the status of the bug is updated manually. Comment on this change optional. Email me about changes to this bug report.

The Problem

Fix Released. Package Find… Status Importance Triaged. Won't Fix.

Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS

Also affects project? Bug Description. Ubuntu fails to properly boot on Macbook Air 6,1 Ubuntu fails to boot the Booting into recovery mode shows that the process stops at the following: smpboot: Booting Node 0, 1 I've tried Tags: patch amd64 apport-bug cscc kernel-bug-exits-upstream kernel-bug-reported-upstream kernel-da-key precise quantal raring saucy Edit Tag help.

Installing Ubuntu on a 27″ iMac () (iMac11,3) | Byron's 2 Cents

Jeff Marcom jeffmarcom wrote on : 1. Jeff Marcom jeffmarcom wrote on : 2.

Hardware data was collected via live image boot. Joseph Salisbury jsalisbury on Brad Figg brad-figg wrote on : Status changed to Confirmed 3. This change was made by a bot. Joseph Salisbury jsalisbury wrote on : Re: Ubuntu fails to properly boot on Macbook Air 6,1 4. Xavier Gnata xavier-gnata-gmail wrote on : 5. Xavier Gnata xavier-gnata-gmail wrote on : 6. Ma Jun maclin. Joseph Salisbury jsalisbury wrote on : 8.

Xavier Gnata xavier-gnata-gmail wrote on : 9. If you have a simpler way to get a bootable version of ubuntu after install let me know!

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Xavier Gnata xavier-gnata-gmail wrote on : Did someone already report this bug upstream? Joseph Salisbury jsalisbury wrote on : Orm-Ancalagon sam-attwell wrote on : Appending nosmp allows successful boot. Ben Whitten benwhitten on Ok here is my experience with Ubuntu and Macbook Air 6,2.

How to get Ubuntu 18.04 (Linux) on Mac OS X / macOS (Dual Boot)

I get the same even if I haven't tested all these options. Anibal Avelar aavelar wrote on : Orm, How you can run the kernel 3. I'm using Macbook Air 13" 6. Hi Anibal, I downloaded Kernel 3. That's not a decent solution. Miek Gieben miek wrote on : Sean V Kelley seanvk wrote on : As a point of reference: Fedora 19's kernel boots fine out of the box and it is based on 3.

Imre Kaloz kaloz wrote on : Riaan riaan-7 wrote on : Hello all, just some info to add, I too have a 13" Airbook 6. I have not applied any firmware updates yet. Hi Xavier, My recommendation is to resolve the kernel. Hi Sean, Ok! Ho great! I'm eager to know where the bug was.

Ubuntu Foundations Team Bug Bot crichton on Do we have an open kernel bug on the audio issue? Xavier Gnata xavier-gnata-gmail on Stefan Bader smb on Andy Whitcroft apw wrote on : It looks like it will be too late to get in Is the "n" mode much faster supposed to be supported by the broadcom driver? Peter Horvath ejcspii wrote on : Marc Thomas jazzyflute wrote on : HP, Check out this link. I used it as a reference to get myself up and running.

Yuan Chao yuanchao wrote on : Sergey Anek sj-sr wrote on : Solution: install syslinux instead grug2. Works fine without nosmp option. Joseph Salisbury jsalisbury wrote on : Closing unsupported series nomination. This change has been made by an automated script, maintained by the Ubuntu Kernel Team.