It has won praise within the Linux community - with the caveat that the application has a steep learning curve.

003 - Authorware 7.0 - Multiple Choice - sample

Ton Roosendaal, Not a Number's creative and technical director, said: "With the addition of Publisher, our professional users will be able to transform their designs into marketable products. The move could boost speeds of existing, widely installed wireless LANs from 11Mbps to as much as 54Mbps. Analysts said users trying to determine which wireless standard to use should keep in mind that they could encounter interference in the 2.

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You will find directions for downloading and installing the Authorware Web Player plug-in at Macromedia's download site. Be sure to download the Authorware Web Player, version 6. When you have downloaded and installed the Authorware Web Player, proceed to the next page, Authorware Introduction, to test your installation and to learn about the Authorware modules we will use in this course. This is something that can be hard to do in Director.

Apps briefs: Macromedia, Blender, LAN

Macromedia decided not to update Authorware for the Macintosh; they released Authorware 5 for Windows only. Personally, I'm of mixed feeling on this.

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Though I used Authorware briefly I never got the hang of it, or worked out why I'd want to use it. And it always seemed to be too expensive though Macormedia's pricing of Director has virged on the outrageous. Still, it's another application not available for Macintosh users Macromedia's recent abandonement of the Authorware Mac market was hardly a surprise I must admit, I've never been a big fan of the product but it seems that Macromedia must have got some complaints from users.

Only a few weeks after announcing Authorware 5 would not be available for the Mac they have announced a Mac Player which will be available in the first quarter which suggests the decision was made only after the initial announcement. Interestingly, only today we were on the phone to Macromedia because we needed QuickTime 3.

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