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Please someone help me how it possible to create apple certificate. Actually i want distribute app for the App Store for example if i have used local p12 certificate I'm getting code sign not object all time and secondly when try to upload app on the app store sandbox error.

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Like Bill Turner said, if you want to get a. If you already have your developer's certificates, there's a short guide titled Converting a developer certificate into a P12 file at http: Also, that's just the first step, there is a guide at https: It also mentions that you use a self-signed certificate, you could get a warning message.

For OSX you can not sign your app like you do for any other platform. You must use apples own signing facility and go through all the hoop, because Apple requires separate signing of the inner application and outer installer, as well as the air runtime separately.

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Users can also explore new Create, Work, Play and Develop tabs to find the perfect app for a specific project or purpose — from music, video and photography apps to business utilities and games. For the first time, helpful videos that autoplay will provide users with dynamic app previews so they can see an app in action before downloading it.

How do I actually publish to the iOS App Store?

Create, Work, Play and Develop. Create, Work, Play and Develop tabs provide helpful recommendations and expertise about apps within each of these themes.

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