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Mac Miller] Typ Liedertext Hook I like my seat back up, full weed, we go fox code I be getting money, what the fuck have you been up to? Up to, up to, what the fuck have you been up to?

Mac Miller death: Charlie Puth reveals he 'tried to help' rapper get clean - Mirror Online

Living out my dream, but what the fuck have you been up to? I like my seat back up, full weed, we go fox code I be getting money, what the fuck have you been up to? A Pittsburgh native, Mac Miller came to prominence within the rap world after inking a record deal with indie giant Rostrum Records and unleashing his breakout mixtape, K.

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  • Continuing to build his following as an artist with a string of mixtapes, collaborative projects and successful studio albums like Watching Movies with the Sound Off , GO:OD AM , and The Divine Feminine , Mac Miller had evolved from an over-achiever into one of the more respected artists in rap ahead of the release of Swimming , his fifth-studio album and his last prior to his untimely death.

    In celebration of Mac Miller's extensive catalog of music, his successful career and the impact he left on hip-hop, XXL compiled a list of 20 of the best lyrics the Pittsburgh legend ever spat on wax. I love it. Everybody is putting the pressure on each other, low-key. You hear something like Kendrick's album, everyone wants to come with that shit.

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    But you can't compare me to Kendrick, because I'll never be able to be that. I can't talk about the things Kendrick talks about. I just feel like I have my own shit that I do. I want to make the best album. That's what I said to Warner when I got there: Look, I sell singles but that's not my main focus; I want my album to be the thing that people know.

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    I don't want to go on tour and have everyone just sitting there waiting for one song. I think it's been fucking entertaining as hell.

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    • We got some great records, notably one called "Back to Back"! What side am I on? That's all that matters in it, what music we get from it.

      That's my favorite record so far, but who knows where it's gonna go. I need another one from Meek.

      I need a record that doesn't have a breakdown in it. Where do you fall on the ghostwriting accusations against Drake? Do you think it matters?

      Mac Miller Finds the Way

      Look, what he does use, what he doesn't use, who knows. No one has ever written a word I said, other than one time when Ab-Soul told me what to say on his hook, and I was really tired and high so I was like, "OK man, whatever, I got you. Just because someone may or may not have someone that writes some words for them, doesn't mean that A, they don't have to kill it on the performance, and B, they don't have to have the ear for what's tight and what's not, which is something a lot of people don't have. I like to enjoy good music. I like Michael Jackson , I don't care who wrote the songs.